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I spend a lot of my days making meals, playing with my two kids and puttering around in the garden (when I can). My family and I are also often exploring all the wonderful parks and things to do in Westerville, Ohio. I split my working time between Limelight Studios and teaching photography and Photoshop at Columbus State. 

My love for photography started in my high school art classes. After high school, I went on to CCAD and graduated with a degree in Still Based Media Studies (a fancy way of saying photography). I initially wanted to be a studio photographer and was trained extensively in studio lighting and setups. My portfolio branched out to real estate, then family shoots and then weddings. I now shoot anything and everything, but primarily people and events. 


Limelight Studios started in 2011 when my friend and I wanted to put our photographic talents to good use. She has since moved on to another career, but the passion behind Limelight has remained the same. I love being a part of special days and special moments. I love capturing the joy between people. I love the opportunities that I get to capture those moments and turn them into something tangible. 

I feel so fortunate to be able to spend my time doing what I love. 

I'm Jennifer

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