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Sunny Spring Family Photos

The Wengerd family has been a repeat client several times now (yay-thank you!) and I love seeing their kids grow up! We did this sunny session at their home and walking path and I think they turned out great. I also wanted to walk you through a family session to get a little insight into what goes on. These are just a few of my favorites.

For my family sessions, I like to try to capture a combination of candids and posed photos. I do this because it's what I would want from my own family photos. I can also customize that based on a client's wants. I really like the idea of doing a session of all candids - just interactions and emotions, but I find it a bit hard not do at least some looking/smiling at the camera.

I'm working on creating a more customized family session where I can get a lot of information on what each family really wants out of a session. That way I can make sure I get every image a client really wants. This is what I do with weddings, but I'm trying to incorporate more of that into family sessions.

This doesn't mean that the photo shoots will need a timeline or a lot of structure, but by planning some shots beforehand, we can make it easier to concentrate on what is really important in the shoot.

Another thing I try to do in family shoots is to do individuals with parents. It also gives the other kid(s) a break from being in front of the camera the whole time.

It's also great to get parents by themselves :)

Thank you so much to the Wengerd family for being such great clients!

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