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Welcome to Limelight Studios!

Limelight Studios started out as a small family photo business in 2011. I started it with my best friend, Heather Maciejunes. We both had photography degrees and wanted to make photography a career rather than just a passion. We started by just doing some family photo sessions and moved on to products and weddings. Since then, we've shot thousands and thousands of photos of all kinds of subjects. Heather has since moved on to a full time career in the arts at the Columbus Museum of Art, but you will still see her around here occasionally.

Here we are at our very first wedding we shot together in 2013!

My name is Jennifer Adams, and I own and operate Limelight Studios. I employ a few second shooters for weddings and I will introduce them to you later. Currently I shoot weddings, family photos, senior portraits, headshots, products, interiors/architecture, food, and anything else I can get in front of my camera.

I graduated from the Columbus College of Art & Design in 2006. I have a degree in what then was called Still Based Media Studies, but is basically photography. I'm actually trying to get back into some of the more film based and experimental "media studies" from my college days and I will share all of that here. In addition to Limelight Studios, I also teach at Columbus State Community College. I teach the beginner digital photography class and a beginner Photoshop class. One thing I love about teaching photography and Photoshop is that I'm always learning new techniques and updates as they come out.

I managed to shoot this with a tripod last week for some updated spring pictures.

I spend a lot of time at home with my kids too. This past year has been a lot of homeschool and being stuck at home, but I've been particularly appreciative of the flexibility photography and teaching has brought to my life. My family is my everything and I love that we've spent a ton of time together this past year. My kids are (finally!) back in school for a few months and I'm excited to have some more time to create new content to share!

More from our recent spring shoot.

I also have a few other hobbies that I'm thinking of sharing or combining with photography to share on the blog. I LOVE gardening and plants, sewing, crafting, cooking and generally anything I can do with my hands. I think over the past year of Covid and being at home, my love (obsession maybe) with plants and gardening has grown and plants, seedlings, tubers, cuttings have taken over my house.

Here are some things to expect on the blog:

  • Photo tips and tricks for photographers and amateurs

  • Wedding tips, tricks, ideas, advice

  • Working with Limelight Studios and what to expect

  • My favorite wedding venues

  • Family photo tips

  • Taking pictures with your kids

  • Plants and gardening?

  • Working with photographic materials and film

  • Cameras and accessories

  • Printing and displaying photos

  • Phone photography

Please let me know if there's anything you'd like to hear about! I'm looking forward to it :)


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